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Realized Prices, October 6, 2012, Antiques Auction

Prices include a 10% buyer's premium.

"Winter Cheer" oil on canvas by O.E. Berninghaus; $55,000.00

pair of Greene & Greene dining chairs; $39,600.00.

"Beside the Acequia near San Ildefonso 1925" oil on canvas by Gerald Ira Diamond Cassidy; $36,300.00.

"The Blue Hill" oil on canvas by Maurice Braun; $24,200.00.

1920's Louis Vuitton wardrobe trunk; $20,900.00.

"The Valley" oil on canvas by Maurice Braun; $15,400.00.

bookcase by Gustav Stickley; $8,800.00.

1889 patriotic petit point by Hattie Damon (Mrs. Will) Mayo; $7,480.00.

nautical watercolor by John Whorf; $4,400.00.

"The Buffalo Horse" by Frederic Remington; $4,400.00.

untitled 1905 oil on canvas by Charles Craig; $3,850.00.

"Wooly Chaps" by Frederic Remington; $2,530.00.

Haviland china wild fowl game set; $2,310.00.

1870's bedroom set attributed to Mitchell & Rammelsberg; $2,200.00.

Colt single action 45 cal. Model 1896; $2,090.00.

"Mountain Man" by Frederic Remington; $1,760.00.

French Second Empire candelabrum; $1,870.00.

1904 sterling silver anniversary platter; $1,540.00.

art glass lamp by Douglas Nash Corporation; $1,760.00.

European circa 1780's French #10059, key wind, fuseť, Romilly Watchmakers; $1,540.00.

Daum Nancy art glass vase; $1,540.00.

sculpture of a nude seated by Charles Gagnon; $1,375.00.

"Bronco Buster" by Frederic Remington; $1,375.00.

"The Stampede" by Frederic Remington; $1,320.00.

"The Norther" by Frederic Remington; $1,375.00.

Colt Officer's Model, 6" barrel, 22 cal.; $1,292.50.

"Helen Keller's Journal" author-inscribed; $1,320.00.

bronze totem sculpture by Domenico Calabrone; $1,100.00.

19th century shelf clock by Jerome & Darrow; $1,265.00.

Burley & Co. table lamp; $990.00.

Winchester M-52 target with scope & palm rest; $907.50.

Colt Woodsman Flateside, match target 22 cal.; $990.00.

"Cheyenne" by Frederic Remington; $880.00.

Helen Keller's book "Teacher Anne Sullivan Macy," author-inscribed; $990.00.

circa 1780 French enamel open face pocket watch, fusee; $880.00.

19th century silver table bell; $880.00.

Rare open face pocket watch, calendar moon phase, pin set; $880.00.

"The Wicked Pony" by Frederic Remington; $880.00.

Rossel Swiss Geneva, closed face pocket watch, with key; $770.00.

Victorian-era neo-Gothic cast-iron garden fountain; $880.00.