Table Lamps

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We buy, restore and sell vintage lighting of all styles and periods: whale oil table lamps, gas ceiling fixtures and wall sconces, combination gas and electric ceiling fixtures and wall sconces, kerosene ceiling fixtures and table lamps, railroad lighting and a variety of lighting from the Arts and Crafts/Mission and Art Deco periods. If you are looking for vintage lighting, please be as specific as possible about your needs when you send your inquiry. Include your preferences for period, style and dimension and describe the intended application of the lighting (i.e., what kind of building, what kind of room(s), how much and what kind of light is needed, etc.). We will try to respond with appropriate suggestions.

Our restoration process normally includes complete refinishing of the metals (only as necessary), replacement of burners, sockets and fitters (only as necessary), complete re-wiring and installation of authentic period glass shades.

In addition to this retail activity, we also appraise antique lighting (and antiques of all kinds) and serve as consultants for restoration projects. Consultation includes inventorying, photographing and identifying existing lighting and describing the means by which the lighting should be restored. In the absence of existing lighting, we recommend what types of lighting may originally have been in use in a structure. We also recommend vintage lighting to be used in new homes and/or places of business.

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