Some of Our Recent Auctions

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Click on the links below to view flyers from some of our previous auctions:

Oil on canvas, A Quiet Moment, by Rudolph Epp (German, 1834-1910), $7,350.00, October 21, 2006

1931 Ford Model A Sedan, original paint, mechanically restored, $4,935.00, August 25, 2007

c. 1775 Louis XVI Bombay style 3-drawer commode w/ inlaid marquetry, $3,937.00, October 21, 2006

John Henry Twachtman (American, 1853-1902), from his Tuscany period, $8,400.00, May 3, 2008.

Photographic occupational shaving mug, Limoges, $3,263.00, February 28, 2009

Lionell #1103 Peter Rabbit Chick-Mobile in original box, $630.00, April 25, 2009